Saturday, 30 May 2009

Love's Omnipresence

I was speaking to a friend about an area of London I've been exploring during my walks. He asked me why I would want to explore somewhere that's crime ridden and the locals are so hostile. He shared his experience of being called names around that area and nearly getting into a fight. I told my friend that the area seems very safe and friendly to me.

When I first moved to London, on my way to school, I would use a particular housing estate as a shortcut. A few years later there was a riot in that estate. People complained there was a lot of crime in the area. I couldn't believe it was the same place I used to explore because I had such a lovely time exploring that estate.

When I became an adult, although I still enjoyed going for walks, I lost that sense of innocence and wonder. I believe my conditioned self, which has set ideas of what is right and wrong, had finally kicked in.

Many years later, I started to re-examine my beliefs.

One belief I had was that I not only needed to drink copious amounts of water a day, it had to come from the shop. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to be buying expensive bottled water so I was gradually weaning myself away from my addiction to bottled water. I had even started drinking tap water. One time I felt really thirsty but I didn't fancy buying a bottle of water. I put out a request for some free water. At the time, I was walking through an area I wasn't familiar with. I noticed a gate which looked like an entrance to a park, so I walked in. It turned out to be a cemetery. I felt this force leading me towards a grave. In front of it was a standpipe where I could drink water for free. Because I still believed there were places that were good and bad, I didn't feel comfortable drinking water in a cemetery.

It was then I heard the Voice within saying, "Why, is the water too still for you?"

I thought it was such a silly pun that I cracked up. I was so uplifted by the voice that all the thirst left me and I didn't feel the need to drink any water till I got home.

I believe my "guide" had been teaching me that no matter what the environment love is always present. If the water wasn't safe, She wouldn't have led me to drink water at the cemetery. It took a while for me to trust in Love's omnipresence though.

Back to my friend's experience, while I do appreciate where he's coming from, I can't deny what I believe to be true for me - everywhere is filled with Love-Light. That's why I always expect to be safe no matter where I am.


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