Saturday, 18 July 2009

I Need All of It Now

I read in a newspaper article that the Competitions Commission was trying to "introduce a new test into the planning system to combat the dominance of big supermarket chains."

One Supermarket has argued that will mean a loss of jobs. The Commission believes "nearly £2bn of benefits would flow to consumers over the next 25 years as a result of the measure."

It got me thinking, if there are any benefits for consumers, why do they have to be staggered over 25 years? Why not have all of the benefits now?

It's the same old, same old, isn't it? We are always meant to wait to enjoy the benefits in the future; in the next life, maybe...or the never, never.

As I'm present here 100%, I need all my light, all of power, all my love, all my wisdom now. And when I say "now" I mean all of it in every moment of now.

This is now my new prayer.

"I need all of it now!"

So Competition Commission, if you really mean it when you talk about benefits flowing to consumers over the next 25 years, I need ALL my benefits now. Thank you very much!


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