Monday, 6 July 2009

Same Old Me

In my sleeping dream this morning, they were going to show The Terminator for the last time ever. Given that I'm a huge fan of that film, I decided to travel to wherever it was being shown. Rumour also had it that the main star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was going to be appearing and I was hoping to meet him. When I arrived there were lots of people waiting outside the cinema. Apparently, the actor was only going to meet and greet a few people of his choosing.

Although I was really excited about meeting the actor, I was still very calm. I knew it was all going to work out perfectly. When the actor came out, who looked more like a younger version of Clint Eastwood than Arnie, he made a beeline for me and shook my hand. He told me he wanted me to have dinner with him. I told him I was with a friend and he invited her as well. He even carried my luggage. I was so ecstatic that my dream had come true.

While we were sitting at the table I told Arnie-Clint how much I loved "The Terminator" and that I had travelled a long way just to see the movie. He announced to everyone how far I had come. He said he was glad he'd chosen me to have dinner with him. Unfortunately, I woke up before we had dinner.

What's the difference between the me who was dreaming herself meeting Arnie-Clint and the me that is awake typing this piece? No difference. We are both one and the same; and we both love the same things.

I believe the reason why amazing things appear in sleeping dreams and not in this reality is because of the tendency to see the selves as different. If you believe that the dreaming self is all powerful and totally different from the self in the waking state, then you have the equivalent experience. However, when you see yourself as the same self then what is true for the self in the sleeping state is also true for the self in the waking state.

No matter what reality I'm in, I'm the same old me whose purpose is to express what she loves and be happy.


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